Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"I Impressed Myself With The Heads on Pikes"

I was cleaning out files that primarily held school work and notes when I found this gem inside. This picture hails from my sophomore year in high school and my first history class that explored one of my now favorite subjects, The French Revolution.  I threw away almost everything in those files. But, not this one. I'm keeping this one!
I think it's a downright outrage that I received half credit on this assignment. I think this drawing of the storming of the Bastille is simply genius. My drawing skills alone should have given me at least 8 out of 10. I must admit I impressed myself with the heads on pikes. The picture is so well rounded. Not only does one get a visual history lesson but, my speech bubbles really add another layer of authenticity. It's like you're almost there. I especially love the cannon in the bottom right hand corner saying, "Ka Pow."

I still disagree with my teacher's comment. She didn't like that I had one of my revolutionaries saying he wanted bread.  That was "unrelated to the storming of the Bastille," she noted. .. Okay, perhaps that wasn't there primary concern on July 14, 1789. But, bread had been scarce.... And I'm sure we've all been around people on a no-carb diet and know how cranky they can get. I'm also sure that storming a bastille is hard work. Maybe Jacques here, worked up an appetite. I stand by my piece!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cruise Tips and PROBABLE Facts

It has been roughly three weeks since our cruise that sailed up and down the California coast- a very exotic itinerary for a girl who lives in an L.A. suburb. After three weeks of being home, I'm about 93% unpacked. I guess I think that if I don't completely unpack, there's still a part of me that is still on vacation. This was my third cruise and it was also happily my third voyage with Princess Cruises. While I clearly don't have experience with other cruise companies, I'm happy to stick with Princess for any future cruises!

Tips and Probable Facts that I learned on my cruise:

1.Take the stairs when/if possible. Everyone uses the elevators which can slow a J.History Girl down when there's a Bingo or trivia game to get to!

        - I don't have any scientific proof to support my theories but, I'm pretty sure you burn extra calories when you take the stairs while the ship is moving. Your muscles surely have to work extra hard to steady yourself and climb at the same time.
        - Same thing with the scientific data on this one but, I'm also quite confident that you burn even more calories using the stairs while wearing flip flops. In this case your legs are not only steadying yourself with the rocking of the ship,  add in the climb or descent of the stairs, AND then they're making sure your feet hold onto the shoes with every step.
          *** This is very important data to remember when you've been eating as much creme brûlée as your stomach can hold, drinking a milk shake a day while lounging out at the pool, and indulging in those alcoholic beverages in the "Explorer's" or "Vista Lounge." Every calorie you can burn at the point is beneficial!
Feat. the Milky Way Martini at the "Crooner's Lounge," onboard

2. The shore excursion to Alcatraz isn't necessary. One of the benefits to shore excursions is that they include transportation to a site which subsequently eliminates taxi fare, getting lost and extra planning on your part. However, the Alcatraz Ferry depot/spot/locale is only a few yards from where you get off the ship so it is pretty impossible to get lost.
Alcatraz Prison Regulation

       - The shore excursion that we signed up for was a visit to Alcatraz and Sausalito. While I enjoyed the tours, I recommend simply going on your own. For me, there was a little too much time waiting around at the ferry depot (Not sure if "depot" is the correct terminology but, I like it.) All the waiting around made for less time that we were able to spend on The Rock. As soon as our audio tour was over, we had to get on the next ferry so we could make our bus for Sausalito. And while Sausalito was great, I still would have preferred having the option of spending extra time exploring Alcatraz.

3. Don't be the last people to arrive back at your bus when you're on a shore excursion.  :) No one wants to sit and wait while the driver and tour guide, count and recount passengers because you weren't conscientious of the time. Your fellow passengers will not be happy with you and I'm quite certain they will encourage the driver to leave you behind to figure it out for yourself.
     - (I'm speaking as someone who has sat on the bus waiting for others.)
Driving back from Sausalito

4. I learned this fact on my very first cruise with Princess... Princess Cruises is an absolute pleasure to sail with and the only company to choose when you want to "escape completely." I highly recommend Princess!!!!!

Lounging out by the pool, while they played one of my favorite movies, Midnight in Paris

We love Boudin Sourdough!!!!!! I'm also quite in love with their motto. I'm adopting it as an official J.History Girl catchprase. :)