Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dean Cain Might Be The Solution!

I recently rented one of my favorite childhood shows, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The other day I came across a Christmas episode from the final season. The villain in the story wanted to rule the world, and in order to seize power he needed to eliminate hope. This villain from another dimension set the world in a time loop of only a few hours. Every time the loop started over, the world became more and more hopeless. With each loop the Christmas tree got smaller, the evening news grew more depressing, and the characters became increasingly apathetic.

 I've been thinking about that episode a lot. Its always funny to me how certain songs, books or television shows find you at the right time. They mirror what you've been experiencing and provide a little bit of comfort, demonstrating that you aren't the only one to have ever thought or felt a certain way. There's also a bit of comfort in the divine way that the piece finds you at the right time.

So lately at work I've been recalling that Christmas episode (and not just because I love Dean Cain so much.) This feeling of apathy, hopelessness, and frustration may even stretch outside the walls of work.  The office just seems to almost be a petri dish of this moody aura. Perhaps I'm simply projecting my own low morale and frustration. As much as I try, my approach to a task is never "right." As much as I want to voice my opinion, I know it will only go unheard by the same person(s) who won't even look me in the eye. I follow the rules and the rules aren't even respected by those who are supposed to enforce them.
And just from doing my job, I get assigned some nasty nicknames.

I'm hopeful the tide will change toward a brighter outlook. I just hope that I don't have to wait for Dean Cain to swoop in and save my version of the Daily Planet. Don't get me wrong, that would definitely do the trick!!! But, I'm sure I'd be waiting for awhile.... I mean the odds of that happening are pretty low, I know.... but stranger things have happened, right?.... I mean you never know when he might have car trouble outside of my office...... ya, have car trouble and then start a Christmas sing along, like in that episode I was describing?..... No, that probably won't happen.... Whatever, it's cool. :) Things will likely shift back to the positive on their own .................. (My fingers are still secretly crossed for the Dean Cain method of solving this situation though. Most situations can be improved with a little Dean Cain!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

There once was a J.History Girl who loved autumn...

There once was a J.History Girl who loved autumn........ The leaves on the ground, the spooky decorations and the cozy drinks are just a small portion of what makes the season so special.

My fall adventures started with a trip to Disneyland at Halloween Time with my sister. Main Street was decorated with orange and red foliage as well as a giant Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lantern. The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain were in the festive spirit too. Earthly spirits (from "when two holidays collide") had taken over in the mansion and galactic ghosts were in full force in outer space. Carved pumpkins with Disney characters were on display in Big Thunder Ranch, leaving me in awe and anxious to get to work on some pumpkins myself. A trip to Disneyland always works its magic and sparks some artistic inspiration in me. Holidays at the park are no different and seem to excite me even more.

Following our trip to Disneyland, we had plans to visit the local pumpkin patch. Its one of my favorite places to go. I've been visiting this patch since I was little. It helps bring me back to the days when everything was seemingly perfect. On this year's trip, we picked up a handful of large carve-worthy pumpkins and a number of tiny ones too.

My purpose in snatching up an armful of mini pumpkins was to make small decorations/presents for my coworkers in the front office at school. A couple of years ago, my friend Cassidy, hosted a Twilight viewing party. She gave her guests favors: mini pumpkins with ribbon tied around the stalk, and individualized with names written on the front. Because I loved the favor so much, I stole the idea and recreated them for my friends at work. I've received many compliments on them! (Thanks, Cassidy!!!!)They really add an extra special touch to the room!

I'm working on a creative project but, I'm looking forward to starting new sketches and paintings. Because I haven't worked on fresh projects in awhile, I felt I needed to get my hand (and eyes) back into practice. Last week after work, I brought my sketchbook to the pumpkin patch, plopped down on a bale of hay and sketched in the cool, crisp air. My artistic work from that day wasn't so hot but, I had a great time nonetheless.

At home, the decorations have been strategically placed. The Halloween costumes have been selected; (I have two.) And I'm loving this new drink that I stole from a magazine. It is ridiculously simple and equally delicious: Baileys in a chilled martini glass, sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice. Yummy! So as the rest of the Halloween season marches forward, I'm going to sip my new drink, enjoy my favorite three months of the year and search for the perfect design for my jack-o-lantern!