Sunday, July 8, 2012

Side Note - Disney Exhibit

It doesn't take much to get me excited! A few days ago I noticed that my sister and I had our photo included on the D23 Disney fan club website. I had to share my joy and post a screen shot from the website.

Anyway, it's time to get back to my French lesson and then another session of genealogy digging on!

Happy Summer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Disney Comes to the Reagan Library!

Yesterday, my sister and I had the privilege of attending a preview of the new Disney exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. I was so excited!!! I was slightly nervous that all my anticipation would lead me to be disappointed if the exhibit fell short. I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives.
The Story Book from the Beginning of Sleeping Beauty
Mary Poppins Costume Sketch

As a member of the library, I was invited to the special preview event. There were numerous Disney fans in attendance too, sporting their Disney best and eager to explore the artifacts. I overheard a man  wearing a Hawaiian Mickey shirt, explaining how he'd driven down from San Francisco just for this event. He also expressed his disappointment that he wouldn't be able to return on Friday, July 6th for the official opening of the exhibit.

J.HistoryGirl posing with a model of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean

Props and Costumes from National Treasure 1 & 2!!! 

J.History Girl's Sister posing with the Happy Haunts from the Haunted Mansion

Some Disney fans who have attended D23 conventions may have seen some of the items on display before. Despite being a Disney fan, I've never had the pleasure of attending such an event and as a result, every artifact here was new to me. There were quite a few gasps, grabbing of a sister's arm, stamping of feet and one single jump down the stairs upon seeing something that excited one or both of us. If you were near us in any part of the gallery you may have heard us delightfully asking ourselves, "Oh no, what is that?!" (That's how we prepare for something exciting.) I had a bit of a moment when I saw a small section devoted to two of my favorite movies of all time, National Treasures 1& 2.
A Multiplane Camera (used in the beginning of Pinocchio when soaring through the scenery and moving closer into town)

A Recreation of Walt's Office- complete with the views he had from his windows and the books on the bookshelves in the exact spot in which he had them 

I highly recommend paying a visit to the Reagan Library while the exhibit is open! Keep in mind when you're there, that photography is permitted but, be sure to turn the flash off. (As with many types of artifacts, the light from the flash degrades the piece.)

Our preview night included food and drinks in the Air Force One Pavillion!

The food was inspired by different rides and areas of Disneyland. This is the menu from the dessert table. Other tables included Big Thunder, Geppetto's Workshop, Pirates of the Caribbean and New Orleans Square

I look forward to going back in a week or two with my close friends, the Ross family and seeing the artifacts again through their eyes.