Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ode to the Backstreet Boys

IAWLT- Irvine 2013

Friend: "Are you really going to a second Backstreet Boys concert this week?"
Me: "There are two things I don't joke about: 1. Michael Jackson 2. The Backstreet Boys!" :)
IAWLT- Irvine 2013

I have a long history with both MJ and BSB. I also have the kind of love for the both of them that most people will never understand. I don't necessarily blame them for not understanding how 6 men could hold such a place in my heart and have such an influence on my life when I've never even met them.
IAWLT Tour- Los Angeles 2013
I know it's slightly blurry but, I still like this one

Still on my high from Wednesday's show at the Gibson Amphitheater in LA and last night's show in Irvine, I have to take a moment to acknowledge how much I love Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin and Howie. I first saw them 15 years ago at the Universal/Gibson Amphitheater on their Backstreet Boys Tour and my life has never been the same since. From that time on, I haven't missed a single tour. My sister and I have driven across state lines, gone to talk show tapings, attended solo projects (Nick and Johnny No Name) and even (with friends) dressed up and made our own BSB music videos hoping that one of the shows we sent the tapes to would take pity on us and give us a chance to meet our 5 favorite guys. (Instead they showed a small clip at the end of TRL one day)

Unbreakable Tour- Los Angeles 2008

This Is Us- Gibson Amphitheater- 2010

I often paint and work with their music on in the background. I put on their cds when I need a little comforting, when I'm hyper or at the gym, when I need a little inspiration or when I just want to sing really loudly in the car. I am at my absolute happiest when I'm at one of their shows. I can't begin to fully explain the influence they have had one me. Through all my ups and downs they have been an absolute constant for me these past 15 years.
Unbreakable Tour- Los Angeles, Nov 2008
Kevin surprised the audience at the end of the show!

NKOTBSB Tour 2011

  Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin, Howie:  "I want to say just for the record, that you still got my heart and my soul, and though we're worlds apart, I gotta let you know, you are the piece I can't replace, you left a mark that won't erase... cause you left a permanent stain on my heart and I've been feeling it, never mind what people say cause they don't understand how you left a permanent stain on my heart, you're never leaving it"
Our Polaroid Contest photo shoot circa 2001

Never Gone Tour- Las Vegas 2005

NKOTBSB Tour - Los Angeles 2011

IAWLT Tour- Irvine 2013